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The corporate package offers a comprehensive living solution tailored for convenience and ease. It includes an all-bills-paid policy, covering rent, electricity, utilities, and Wi-Fi, ensuring a single, straightforward payment for all essential services. Additionally, residents enjoy the comfort and ease of a fully furnished townhome, providing a move-in-ready experience with all the comforts of home immediately available upon arrival. This package is designed for those seeking a hassle-free housing option with the simplicity of a single monthly payment.

Experience thoughtfully designed residences that blend style and comfort seamlessly, creating the perfect home for your lifestyle. This offer includes:

Elevate your townhome living with our inclusive furniture services. Move into a fully-furnished space that reflects both comfort and style. Our commitment to providing well-designed and functional furniture ensures that your townhome is ready for you to settle in from day one. Experience the convenience of a thoughtfully furnished home, where every room is curated for your comfort, making the transition into your new townhome a seamless and enjoyable experience.



Step into a connected lifestyle at our townhomes, where we proudly provide inclusive WiFi services to enhance your living experience. Enjoy seamless connectivity right from the moment you move in, with WiFi at your fingertips. Our commitment to keeping you connected means you can work, study, and unwind without interruptions. Say goodbye to the hassles of setting up WiFi services – we've got you covered making every moment in your home effortlessly connected.


Experience the ease of modern living in our townhomes, where we provide inclusive electricity services up to 1000 kWh to ensure your home is always powered. From the moment you step in, enjoy the convenience of a reliable and efficient electricity supply. Our commitment to seamless living means you can focus on what matters most, knowing that your townhome is equipped with the essential power for daily activities. Say goodbye to disruptions and hello to uninterrupted living in your fully-powered townhome.


Imagine a seamless living experience where the essentials of daily life are effortlessly taken care of. At our townhomes complex, we take pride in offering inclusive water utility services to enhance the comfort and convenience of our residents. From the moment you step into your new home, you can enjoy the assurance of a reliable and efficient water supply. Our commitment to providing top-notch water utility services means you can focus on the moments that matter, knowing that essential needs are met. Whether it's for daily routines, cooking, or simply relaxing, our dedicated approach to water utilities ensures that you experience the utmost convenience in your daily life within the comfort of your townhome.

Interior furniture may vary

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